Our systemic approach leads businesses to leadership.

Transformation is not an end in itself. In the natural world not the fittest survive but the most adaptable: the same goes for markets. A company’s success can be measured by its ability to continuously respond to market requirements, or furthermore take part in shaping the markets themselves.

If the changes necessary to achieve this are implemented successfully, this process must be systematically repeated. This is why we have created our HIBT – the High Impact Business Transformation Framework – which everything we do follows.


Our High Impact Business Transformation Framework (HIBT)

Our HIBT encapsulates the essence of the experience we gained from our work on transformation projects over the last few years. It describes the development that companies undergo when they set off on the systematic journey to transformation, where that journey goes.

The Framework shows that transformation means being situated in a constant organic interrelationship between doing, learning and evolving. At an individual and at an organisational level. Machen, Lernen und Entwickeln zu befinden. Und das sowohl auf persönlicher Ebene (jeder Einzelne) als auch auf organisationaler Ebene (das Unternehmen als Gesamteinheit).

With each step of the transformation, each individual as well as the entire organisation exercise their ability to change in a self-sufficient manner. The goal is to take advantage of opportunities and to continuously unfold available potential. This can be achieved faster and easier with each step, and the steps get bigger, more stable, more efficient and more effective. The most important step is getting started!

Since the industrial revolution, organisational structures have dictated most company’s fate. Who is subordinate to whom? Which standard procedure is suitable here? Who is accountable for what? The leeway for circumventing the organisational structure in order to be able to satisfy customer needs on short notice is usually very slim, and the larger the organisation is the tighter it often gets. 

In the future, market success will depend upon how fast the organisational structure can follow the process organisation. This means that it is incumbent on companies to establish themselves and their own structures flexibly around the needs of the customer on a permanent basis. This way they remain in tune with the market.

This is ensured, systematically, by our HIBT Framework.

For one, it describes the path to transformation over Activation-Enabling-Systemisation.


There is an infinite pool of potential in every company. Everybody can feel it. Everybody knows it is there, the hard part is finding it. In the first step, we visualise this potential by determinedly solving pressing business problems. Thus the company proves to itself that sustainable change really is possible.


Managing a mature organisation in permanent alignment with the market requires a repertoire that is fundamentally different from yesterdays control and governance management. If the company has been activated to reveal its full potential, know-how and experience are needed in order to channel it correctly. Leadership is redefined. Active learning and unlearning begins taking place.


As nightmarish as a fluid organisational framework may sound to a conservative manager, future markets will accept no less. Systemic modifications will be a perpetual management task. Micromanagement and the lunacy of mistrustful, overblown processes are making way for market pull and a, systematic structure perpetuating powerful cooperation from within the organisation. This enables permanent, repeated re-innovation.

Then again, it describes the target vision; in other words the target system: high-performance, adaptable business and operating systems.

We transform companies towards high-performance and adaptable business and operating systems by combining our Do-Learn-Develop approach (DLD) with our conviction that all the potential for the systematic, sustainable growth in performance and adaptability of both people and companies already exists. We believe that people bring about change intrinsically, and that people want to adapt and change of their own accord, provided it makes sense to them.

At VORSPRUNGatwork, we provide our clients with an organisational framework that allows individuals and businesses to capitalise on potential opportunities as they emerge. We also enable people and companies to adapt this framework self-sufficiently and continuously, in order to focus all benefits on the customer in a sustainable way.
We are still working on translating the details of our services.


Das passiert im Unternehmen










Mitarbeiter lösen in heterogenen Teams Business-Probleme und prototypisieren dabei das Arbeiten im Zielsystem. Persönliche und organisationale Potenziale werden sichtbar.

Das Arbeiten im Zielsystem wird auf persönlicher und organisationaler Ebene verankert.
Mitarbeiter werden zu Gestaltern.
Führungskräfte werden zu Leadern.
Probleme werden zu Chancen und Potenzialen.

Das Arbeiten im Zielsystem wird Realität. 
Individuelle und organisationale Chancen und Potenziale werden systematisch aktiviert. 
Sinnvolle Veränderungen von Rahmenbedingungen werden selbstbestimmt angestoßen und erfolgreich umgesetzt.


Das kannst Du kaufen 🙂




Venture: patentierter agiler Lösungsprozess

Führungswerkstatt: Führungsteams lösen Führungsprobleme auf neue Art und Weise

Transformations-Assessment: Assessment zu persönlicher und organisationaler Leistungs- und Wandlungsfähigkeit

New-Work-Shop: Moderation von Team- und Großgruppenevents


Transformationscoach Ausbildung: Führe Teams in unternehmerisches Handeln

Co-Leadership Ausbildung: Werde vom Manager zum Leader und Systemgestalter Das Planspiel für neues Arbeiten


Why: Sinnhaftigkeit des eigenen persönlichen und organisationalen Transformationsweges erleben und erkennen

Shift: Nachhaltiger Perspektivenwechsel auf Dich, dein Unternehmen und deine Umwelt

Leadership Experience: Führung neu erleben, verstehen und umsetzen

Leadership Camp: Mit neuem Führungsleitbild und entsprechenden Tools ausgestattet geht’s ins Trainingslager

Individuelles Coaching: Coaching und Sparring für Top-Executives und Transformationsverantwortliche/-gestalter

HIBT-Framework-Design: Rahmendesign für Transformationsprogramme und -projekte

HIBT-Workstreams: Systematisches Verändern von Rahmenbedingungen im Kontext:

  • Leadership Inside-Out
  • Dynamische Organisation
  • Offene Kommunikation
  • Lernsystem und -kultur
  • Dynamische Wertentwicklung

Team- und Organisationsentwicklung:

  • Strategie und Identitätsarbeit
  • Entwickeln von Leitbildern und Modellen zu Führung, Organisation, Kompetenzen und Kommunikation
  • Entwickeln und Implementieren von funktional integrierten Teams, dynamischen Rollen, Prozessen, Methoden und Tools